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Flower Crown Hairstyles

woman with flowers in her hair

Even if you are not going to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower crown in your hair.


It’s the most natural hair decoration and one that women have used for centuries. Flower crowns were popular in Ancient Greece and Ancient China, but became undesirable in Medieval Europe because the Church deemed them a pagan symbol.

Their popularity resurfaced in Victorian England when Queen Victoria wore a flower crown at her own wedding to Prince Albert in 1840!

In Ukraine, the flower crown is called vinok and simbolizes a girl’s innocence and purity.


They re-entered the western public’s consciousness in the 1960s as the most striking symbol of the hippie Flower Children. Same as many other segments of that subculture, the flower crown also entered the mainstream around that time and has been a wedding-mainstay ever since.

Check out the video for a short and easy tutorial on creating your own stunning flower crowns.

Source:Provocative Woman

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