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This Flower Jelly Lipstick Changes Color Due To Your Skin’s pH Level


Buying new lipsticks is very exciting especially when you put the new one on for the first time. Months ago, Instagram went crazy over Kailijumei flower jelly lipsticks. Now, the cosmetic company Winky Lux came out with it’s own line and good lord, they’re dead gorgeous.

Every tube is clear with “fairy-picked chrysanthemums inside and the best part is that even though the tube is clear, the formula reacts to your skin’s pH levels. In that way the lipstick creates a natural shade of pink. Yup, Harry-Potter level magic here!

The color changing lipsticks appears in different shades in different people due to their lip pigmentation. The clear flower lipstick is definitely a must-have in your makeup bag. It costs $25 per tube so let’s see the pictures below to see how it looks on people. Enjoy!

How beautiful are these lipsticks?

Source: Fashion Lady

I love that they look different on everyone.

Source: Instagram | @blink_skincare

Such a pretty pink!

Source: Geekologie

It looks hot pink on this girl!

Maybe it would look the same on me too.

Source: Daily Vanity

So peachy and cute!

Source: Instagram | @nuinuyshop

Need to get my hands on one!


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Source: Instagram | @nuinuyshop
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