These Food Combinations Will Make Your Seriously Question Humanity

21 Food Combinations That Will Make Your Seriously Question Humanity


Ok, so, for these combinations to exist, some people must have seriously experimented with food.

However, the incredible thing is, not only have they been tasted by someone, but some of these combinations have continued to exist and some were even put on restaurants’ menus. Let’s all agree that these weird looking plates of food just don’t work for everyone. Be careful, some of them might seriously make you sick.

Check out this gallery of weird food combinations compiled by Aunty Acid and tell us what you think!

1. Why would someone mix cheese and frosted flakes?

food 1

2. Some might agree on pineapple on pizza, but banana?!

food 2

3. Legend has it this plate made color-blind people see shades

food 3


4. Anything else than soup in such a container is just wrong

food 4


5. Nope, not ketchup. Jelly, people, jelly!

food 5

6. We don’t even want to further discuss this, do we?

food 6

7. Banana dipped in ketchup… Yummy.

food 7

8. The modern version of cornbread

food 8

9. Marshmallows on sweet potato. A traditional American dessert.

food 9

10. Why would someone destroy Poptarts?

food 10

11. Cheeto cereal. Now, this just isn’t right.

food 11

12. Salt and pepper on apple slices, seriously?

food 12

13. Grilled cheese topped with grapes sliced in half. Points for the effort.

food 13

14. There is nothing right about this combination.

food 14

15. Mixing lunch and dessert has never been easier

food 15

16. Maybe they thought hot dogs would taste just as good as bacon on pancakes

food 16

17. It’s supposed to be healthy, at least

food 17

18. Why do people want to destroy the taste of cheese?

food 18

19. Let’s agree Nutella goes with everything. Well… Almost everything.

food 19

20. Just brutal.

food 20

21. This is just wrong.

food 21

Well, we should agree that we all need a drink after seeing this. Or five. These weird food combinations have gone seriously wrong. Let’s just hope that they will stay here forever, instead of being put on restaurants’ menus. Like putting pineapple on pizza became normal.

So, what’s your favorite? Let us know, and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Source: auntyacid

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