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These Food Facts Are So True, It Hurts


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t love food to death. And rightfully so. Food is awesome! As long as it’s prepared right, there’s nothing like tucking into a nice, big and tasty meal and then feeling good with yourself after eating it. Of course, we’re not supposed to eat comfort food all the time, but every once in a while, you need to devote your time to a juicy and beefy burger or a cheese-covered pizza.

If you want to enjoy food even more (than you probably already do), then you need to whip through these amazing food facts, brought to us by Foodenvy.

1. Pizza tastes better if you reheat it the next day

Same with pasta.

These Food Facts Are So True, It Hurts 1

2. The fries from the bottom of the bag are the best

These Food Facts Are So True, It Hurts 2

3. Consume the torso of the animal cracker last

Bite off the legs, arms, tail and head first.


4. Pull apart string cheese before eating it


5. Consume rainbow colored candy color by color


6. We all know that free food tastes the best


7. Coke in a glass bottle tastes the best

Especially with a ton of ice.


8. Mixing up the syrups in a fast food restaurant

This is the best thing.


9. Macaroni shapes are better than regular macaroni

Shame you’ll never get these in an Italian restaurant.


10. Drinking Gatorade from this bottle is the meaning of life

If you don’t drink it from this bottle, you’re missing out.


11. Surprisingly, chocolate covered M&M’s taste the most like chocolate

I know, pretty insane, right?


12. Dinosaur nuggets somehow taste better than regular nuggets

And don’t worry, they’re not made of actual dinosaurs. They’re just funny shaped chicken nuggets.


13. Apple slices just taste better than a whole one


14. When someone else makes a sandwich for you, it just somehow tastes better


15. Even better if you cut it in diagonal slices


16. Folded over potato chips just seem… right


17. Each brand of bottled water tastes different


18. Drinking a beverage through a straw just enhances the experience


19. If you’re going to order a Chinese takeaway, order that baby in a giant styrofoam container


20. Or at least, make sure to eat it using chopsticks (if you can)


21. This is the holy grail of chips

A flat, unbroken Dorito.


22. A bowl of cereal is always more enjoyable in the evening


Tell us in the comments if you agree with these food facts! (they’re all really true, so I don’t see why you should disagree, but regardless)


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