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23 Food Fails That Will Make You Think You’re A World Class Chef


Look, I might not be the most experienced chef in the world. You certainly can’t trust me to cook beef wellington or oxtail stew, but at least I can make some minor things like ramen noodles and even chicken if the cases are extreme without burning the house down.

Well, it’s time take a look at some pretty intense cooking fails by “master” chefs. More like disaster chefs. I think that chef Gordon Ramsay would pass out from yelling at these guys.

1. So many things wrong with this…

Maybe you could re-brand this one as some sort of cheesecake?

Source: Instagram | @daydreams.and.memes

2. It looks really unappetizing, to say the least

 As a former kitchen employee, this makes me weep!

3. Where’s the frying pan, dude?

That's...that's just not how you do that.

Source: Imgur

4. Prepare for stomach gurgling and maybe a bit of vomitting

Sure, he didn't concoct this sundae, but it probably tastes about as good as that mac n' cheesecake earlier...

Source: Twitter | @daniel_merry

5. Speaking of chef Gordon Ramsay…

 I don't think you're going to impress one of the most famous chefs in the world this way, but I could be wrong...

Source: Twitter | @GuldanKarsen


Source: Twitter | @GordonRamsay

6. These are apparently cookies made for a baby’s first birthday

You can tell that they’ve been attempted to be shaped into the number 1, except it very clearly isn’t the number 1. It’s something else entirely.

So the idea here was to bake cookies for a baby's first birthday. They're in the shape of the number one...and nothing else.

Source: Reddit | Portugalpaul

7. Don’t ever put metal in the microwave

This microwave quite literally melted!

 Were you guys listening to my mix tape in the microwave again?

Source: Reddit | margusenock

8. They look like they have been spray painted black!

How to burn over a thousand calories in one evening!

Source: Instagram | @ihatechairs

9. A very nice imprint

Leftovers aren't appealing as it is, but this is just wrong!

Source: The Chive

10. A double whammy of stupidity

There are some meats that you can't just choose how "well done" they're going to be. Chicken is definitely one of these!

Source: Reddit | Cannabun

11. Nailed it!

Poor Olaf…

For their birthday this year, why not give them the gift of nightmares?

Source: Imgur | Shianneew

12. Doesn’t even look like chicken

Looks more like bread that you really don’t want to eat.

This dinner is not saved, don't believe him!

Source: Instagram | @harlemtb

13. How to boil hot dogs on a budget 101

"Hey, do you want a hot dog? I just put a pot on."

Source: Reddit | kokujinmatto

14. Someone is going to get salmonella tonight…

Nothing like a home cooked meal and some salmonella

Source: Imgur | aircycle

15. Just throw it away

In a world full of lies, you can never trust your eyes!

Source: Reddit | [deleted]

16. A meaty portrait of JB

Just what I needed in my life that I didn’t know I needed.

This is pretty good, I've always wanted to meat Justin Bieber.

Source: Reddit | bad_platitude

17. Blue raspberry Koolaid glazed chicken

What kind of stuff needs to go through your brain to come up with this?

 Why is the chicken blue, you ask?

Source: Imgur | DustinAvery

18. Not that kind of half…

Sort of a "glass half empty" situation goin' on here.

Source: Pinterest | Shamim Mughal

19. God knows how much they messed up to get to this stage

Someone won’t be having meatballs tonight.

You know, when people tell you to "stick to it," this isn't really what they're talkin' about.

Source: The Chive

20. When you’re in college and can’t afford a microwave, you have to improvise

But Domino’s tastes so good when it’s a day old that it’s not even necessary!

Here's a lifehack that should never be a thing!

Source: Reddit | Wyofire

21. How does this even happen?

Spaghetti served flambé style!

22. I would move out of the house if this happened to me

 Looks like someone forgot about the plastic tray

Source: Twitter | @vluddiamond

23. An anthropomorphic cake

I really hope this person can see what they did wrong.

Source: Reddit | MyLoveBox

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