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8 Food Pics That Will Make You Cringe And Another 8 That Will Cure It

8 Food Pics That Will Make You Cringe And Another 8 That Will Cure It

You see tons of things every day that make you feel massively uncomfortable, maybe even to the point of stressing you out. But then you see something and all the stress and… uncomfortableness disappears. So it’s time for something a little bit different.

Diply has combined 16 photos of food, 8 of them will stress you right out, but the other 8 will make you feel fine again. Prepare for a lot of (hyperbole incoming) mood swings.

1. The biggest crime anyone with Hubba Bubba can do


Source: Reddit | zoomoregon

2. But this stack of gum makes everything better


Source: Reddit | witenry

3. Who opens a cereal box upside down?


Source: Reddit | Randorii

4. And while we’re on the subject of cereal

Here are some perfectly lined up boxes of Kashi. Bliss.


Source: Reddit | A_LittleBirdieToldMe

5. This is just a big “screw you” from the ketchup bottle


Source: Reddit | frank_-_horrigan

6. This needs its own reward


Source: Reddit | Villafanart

7. What monstrosity of the Earth did this?


Source: Reddit | othergeneration

8. Here are some perfectly arranged blueberries to make you feel better


Source: Reddit | ohsureyoudo

9. That’s not how you’re supposed to eat them…


Source: Imgur

10. Here’s a perfectly split one to make you feel a bit better


Source: Reddit | moonblooms

11. That poor bagel…


Source: Imgur

12. A perfectly placed yolk in this bagel

Evens things out perfectly.


Source: Reddit | paroledipablo

13. Cut your bread properly!


Source: Reddit | Gnath0

14. I wish everything in my life was as perfect as this piece of ham fits into this piece of bread


Source: Reddit | horseradishfistfight

15. Never, ever, ever stick a wet spoon into the sugar pot

Because this happens and it’s annoying. Trust me, it is.


Source: Reddit | coolico

16. A perfect Ziploc imprint



Ending on a high note, just to make sure you made a full recovery from those cringeworthy pieces up there.


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