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10 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong

girl eating cupcake

There are foods that were made for public consumption, and then there are the ones that make you look like a wild animal while you eat them.

Burgers, chicken wings, desserts… Sometimes you decide on takeway to eat at home, just so that you can stuff your face in private, right? We know we do, sometimes.

Complicated foods don’t have to be a problem, though.

First thing we thought when we watched this video: you can eat chicken wings without leaving half the meat to the garbage?

Second thing was, you can actually use your ketchup without that unsanitary squirting on paper in a fast food restaurant? And how about the mess you make of yourself when you eat a cupcake?

Aparently, this can all come to an end, and you can finally learn how to actually use food. Not that it wasn’t doing it’s job the way you did it, of course. But still, we have a lot to learn!

Source:Golden Mind

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