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Terrifying Footage Shows Octopus Eating A Seagull


Octopuses are indeed cute, cool, and funny creatures. At least that’s what children think. Nowadays, many people enjoy seeing them on a table and eating them as they are delicious seafood. Little do we know about the wonders of this creature we can easily see on the ocean’s surface. There are so many amazing stories about this, but one where an octopus expresses gratitude to a man who saved his life will leave you speechless. Other stories are way different, and this video footage is about the laws of nature and the survival of the fittest.

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Many adults are freaked out when they see an octopus and they get all shivery. To them, there is something so strange about the creature that they just can’t handle it. Can you imagine a face-to-face encounter with this creature? Plus, eating a seagull? It must be beautiful to watch. Or maybe terrifying. But these people have a real proof of this happening in their video footage.


The octopus is a brilliantly designed animal. Despite its strange appearance, it has a lot of weird and effective survival skills. The boneless creatures have three hearts, eject ink to confuse predators, can re-grow their tentacles, and they can even squeeze through tight spaces far smaller than their bodies appear to be.

But for many, the scariest fact about them is that they can easily catch and eat a seagull! The video shows a seagull being drowned by an octopus. A group of people in northern New South Wales captured the incredible, but also disturbing moment in the shallow waters of Richmond River. How often do you see an ocotopus attacking a seagull? It is indeed a rare moment.

Rowan Treece, who uploaded the video onto Youtube, said in the description: “I captured this rare event when we were feeding the seagulls hot chips down the Richmond river northern nsw, it grabed [sic] the seagull while it was swimming waiting for the chips”.

Here is the whole footage:

Just moments after the attack, the seagull lies lifeless in the water. It’s both amazing and scary at the same time! The wonders of nature never cease to surprise us!

Source: Rowan Teece , vt.co

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