What Does Your Forehead Size Say About Your Personality?


Every single person in this planet is special. Even though they might not look like that,  I swear everyone has a little something that makes them special. Also a lot of people have similarities. For example similar face features, identical hands, and some have the same forehead type. Would you believe me that the size of your forehead can tell parts of your personality? I didn’t believe it either. Below you have all the forehead types and their hidden meaning! Enjoy!!

Type #1 Broad Forehead
Many people with broad foreheads, especially women, do not like their forehead. It takes a large part of one’s face.  People with such types of foreheads are extremely skilled. They are able to complete every task there are given, not only on time, but much earlier than the deadline. Bet you didn’t know this.

Type #2 Narrow forehead
If broad forehead people are highly intelligent, this does not make people with narrow foreheads stupid. They listen their hearts most of the time. It is not that they feel lonely, but they do not like crowds, and avoid being in the center of attention. Modesty!

Type #3 Straight forehead

These people are also very gentle and dedicated.  They will forever cherish some moments with their loved ones, and will keep a special place in their heart for them, but it doesn’t mean they will never get angry. That is why it is a bit difficult to make such a person fall in love with you. You just need to really deserve it.

Type #4 Curved forehead
Well these people are so vibrant and positive that light up a room when they come in. Everybody around them wants to make a good impression to them even unconsciously. They sometimes suffer because there are people who envy their popularity among other people and try to outshine them, even if this is a hard task.

Type #5 M-shaped forehead
If this is your type of forehead then you probably will not be surprised to notice that it is a sign of vivid imagination. And this mean really vivid. These people’s head is always in the clouds, they rarely come down to earth, because they find it a little boring. They often become actors, artists, or writers.

Type #6 Fuji mount-shaped forehead
You are very sociable. Do not have problem working with other people. You do not want to be the leader, but when you have to share your opinion you do it very confidently. You know what you want and how to achieve it.

Type #7 Sharp forehead
People with such a forehead could be described with only one word, and this is “stubborn”. They would do anything to have the things going in their direction. They are often ironic in their everyday conversations, including the ones with people superior to them.




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