They Found A Pit Bull Nursing This Baby On The Road

Pit Bull

Get ready to see the cutest video ever. This vet right here is feeding one of the tiniest little kitties we have ever seen. He also got some help from a four-legged assistant in the shape of a pitbull. This kitty is so sweet and you have no idea yet.

The vet knows exactly what he is doing and the kitten seems so happy while eating. After the meal it is time for a bath. So, the pit named Pittie, gives her a tongue-bath and she seems to love it.

Kitty seems like she’s been this pampered her whole life but would you believe the two had just met at the Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas? It’s actually true.

Look at the video below and see it yourself.

Seeing how much this dog loves the kitten, the clinic is going to adopt both of them.

Source:Caters TV , heroviral

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