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Four Refreshing Ways To Braid Your Hair This Spring


Braiding your hair may look easy, but once you try, you realize you might be in the need for professional help. How many times have you struggled with braiding your hair and ended up going to your hairstylists? Even for a simple French braid. For example, I can straighten my hair… I can curl my hair… But I can’t do a French braid to save my life, trust me. Just that regular old side braid and it’s always a mess.

There’s this girl though, Sarrah Rahim and she knows her stuff! Yeah, she might be a new Youtuber, but she’s been a fashion (and good hair) lover since forever. On Instagram, she describes herself as a certified makeup artist and a vegan food passionate lover. She also cooks and posts vegan meals. However, in the video below, she tries to show her followers how to easily style their hair this spring with beautiful braids.

We’ll learn something!

1. This can work for every casual occasion…

braid 1

2. This can work for important events…

braid 2

3. This works for school or work, depends what your day consists of…

braid 3

4. This is so boho, I’m doing it tomorrow…

braid 4

And I can’t wait to see how they’re done.

You can watch the whole video here:


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