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Weird Random Things The Creators Of ‘Friends’ Hid In The Show


When creators David Crane and Marta Kaufmann began developing a concept for a show called Insomnia Cafe back in 1993, they had no idea what kind of monster they are giving birth to. A little over a decade later, a show that was later renamed Friends wrapped up as one of the most popular television programs of all time. Not only that, but its legacy continued to live on, with thousands of fans going over every Friends nook and cranny that might tell them something they didn’t know about their favorite places and characters.

Here are twelve such details that might have eluded even the most diehard of Friends fans.

1. The apartment number on Monica’s door changed from 5 to 20 over the course of the show

Some believe the creators conceded that judging by the window view, the apartment was located too high to have a one digit apartment number.


Source: Movie Mistakes

2. Phoebe suddenly goes from talking to Monica to talking to a complete stranger

It was later revealed this was one of the actor doubles used in the show.


Source: Movie Mistakes

3. Joey switching shirts in a scene


Source: Movie Mistakes

4. The Central Perk couch

If you wondered how the couch at the cafe is always free for the main characters, you probably failed to notice the ‘reserved’ sign on the coffee table.


Source: Polygon NBC

5. Birth control balloons

Take a closer look at the balloons hanging from the bunting. Those aren’t regular balloons. It looks like Joey and Chandler decided to blow up condoms for Ross’s bachelor party.


Source: TBS

6. The potato

In one episode, the customary Central Perk muffins were replaced by a single potato.


Source: Imgur

7. The engagement announcement

Monica and Chandler’s wedding announcement says witnesses include a homeless man named Elvis!


Source: Quora

8. The pillar

In earlier seasons, there used to be a pillar in Monica’s apartment that later disappears.


Source: Metro

9. June Gable played both Estelle and a nurse


Source: Pinterest The Times of India

10. Giovanni Ribisi played both Phoebe’s brother and a random person in the street


11. The view

The view from the kitchen window in Monica’s apartment never stays the same. Sometimes it’s a brick wall and sometimes it’s a panorama.


Source: Mic

12. Far from New York City

Hardly a surprise, the show was filmed in a California studio.


Source: Huffington Post

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