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Front rope braid & braided headband


Fancy trying out some cute braided boho hairstyles?

Braids are always a good idea. They look really cute and fancy, giving you an innocent look. There are a lot of ways how to do braided hairstyles, but what Natalia Simmons has to share with you, will have you wanting more. She really cracked the code and also shared a video where she demonstrates everything. She’s on day two of wearing mini buns so her hair is already bigger and easier to work with as she as foregone washing for thee days. A really great technique that is worth being learned. Watch it below:

First we have the braided headband in photo tutorial…

Source:Natalia Simmons


Source:Natalia Simmons

And here we have the side rope braid/twist finished with a bun, a cool effortless style that whispers boho chic.


Source:Natalia Simmons

Watch the video here…Cheers Natalia!

Share and comment if there are any styles you would like to see Natalia do…

Source:Natalia Simmons

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