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A Tutorial On How To Make A Delicious And Tempting-Looking Fruit Tart Cake

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Doctors and nutritionists pride themselves on telling us that fruit is an excellent alternative to cake and chocolate and other such sweets.

While nothing will ever match the taste of chocolate ever, I do¬†respect fruit. Even though you can’t compare fruit to chocolate, they’re tasty in their own unique way.

Of course, even though chocolate cake will always be the preferred choice for sweet-toothed people, or perhaps for those that are just a little bit depressed (no offense), there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fruit cake either.

And, if you’re in that kind of mood, Got Cake? is here to show you how to make a delicious fruit tart cake

fruit 1Now, I will admit one thing about this video, and that’s that it starts off a bit… short. The dough part of the cake has already been prepped, same with the icing. The only part shown in this video is the decoration, and that’s just a little bit anti-consumer, if you know what I mean.

From what I can tell though, the cream that’s used here

fruit 2is Bavarian Cream, and one person in the comments asked what it’s made of, so to help you out, it is made from a combination of custard and whipped cream. Delish.

After the cream has been squirted onto the base and smeared across the top, it’s followed by delicious layers of pineapple, kiwi, strawberry and blackberries.

fruit 3Some more pineapple slices follow in the center, along with a few strawberries, stems included.

fruit 4The final touch is some blueberries while melted butter finishes the whole thing off.

The end result is a gorgeous, quite fruity looking cake that looks very tempting and very delicious.

Thinking of giving this delicious-looking treat a try? Let us know in the comments!

Source:Got Cake?

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