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The Most Frustrating Video On The Internet


Cringeworthy to the bone!

Someone (probably Satan), took the time to animate the worst things that could ever happen during our daily routine. While it’s beautifully done and super-cool, the video will also make you cringe and leave you annoyed, so you should watch at your own risk.

Yes, the internet is dark and full of terrors. We get used to watching cool videos and lists made of ‘the best this’, or ‘the greatest that’, but in order to make a balance, one has to come across something like this.

All jokes aside, this is excellent work done by the people at ‘The Parallel Studio’,  you can find them on Facebook here. They make great stuff, like motion design, illustrations and a lot more.

They say “Taking care of the tiniest details makes all the difference.” And we couldn’t agree more.

And for this video, well, play away, but we warned you.

Source: FacebookViralairows

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