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20 Fun-Loving Doctors That Have An Amazing Sense Of Humor

20 Fun-Loving Doctors That Have An Amazing Sense Of Humor

I think we can all agree that going to the doctor’s is not an enjoyable experience for most of us mortals. And most of us know that a lot of doctors will make an effort to make things seem not as bad as they actually are. But these doctors go far past “It will just pinch a little bit”. If these people had to help me out with my health, I’d be thrilled to go!

1. The T-Rex knows how it is

Hospital T-rex Has A Reminder For You

Source: thatsimsgirl

2. A doctor’s note if you’re sick

Now that’s some real inception right there!

My Friends Work Requires A Doctors Note If You Call In Sick

Source: eaglel66

3. The dentist disguised as the tooth fairy

Creative and funny!

My Cousin's Costume. He's A Dentist... And Yes, He's At Work

Source: imgur

4. Doctor asked for the pharmacy to fill this

He’s probably lived through the same pains as the person in question.

Friend's Daughter Is Afraid Of Monsters In Her Closet. The Doctor Had The Pharmacy Fill This For Her

Source: reddit

5. Well advised to choose a doctor with a sense of humor

Always Choose The Doctor With A Sense Of Humor

Source: PiusThicknesse

6. Amazing results guaranteed!

Gollum has the proof!

This Was In My Dentist's Waiting Room

Source: kiffmeizter

7. When a doctor uses memes

You know he’ll get you back in tip top shape.

Found This At The Doctors Office

8. Indeed a better chart

Found This In My Doctor's Office. Seemed Accurate

Source: sleepypaladin

9. Leave the lollipop to one side and be happy you’ll live longer!

I Noticed A New Sign At My Doctors Office

Source: mynameisntsavannah

10. An experienced prosthesis doctor

 My Uncle Sent Me This Picture Of His Prosthesis Doctor

Source: Caesar100

11. The sink in a fertility doctor’s office bathroom


 Sink At My Fertility Doctor's Office In The "Collection Room"

Source: Kukhura

12. This little 2-year-old is passing the time

By playing surgery on Dora the Explorer with her doctor.

My 2 Year Old Niece Who Has Been Hospitalized Passes The Time By Playing Operation With Her Doctor And Dora The Explorer. All Scrubbed Up And Ready For Surgery!

Source: daddyphatsacks

13. This man got his old hip given back to him after it was replaced

And it’s now a cane! Amazing job, doctor.

So My Dad Got His Hip Replaced And Had The Doctor Save It So He Could Turn It Into A Cane

Source: steamviking

14. That’s just punny

Waiting For My Doctor's Appointment When Suddenly...

Source: Euphoricsoul

15. Guy on the poster’s doppelganger!

My Doctor Said: "You Kinda Look Like That Guy On The Wall Over There!"...

Source: dk69

16. Where’s Waldo ceiling for bored patients

 My Local Dentist Has A Ceiling "Where's Wally?" For Patients During Appointments

Source: mtmannion

17. Waiting for your wife’s ultrasound and spotting this

My Wife Is Pregnant And Today Was Her First Ultrasound, This Was The Doctors Pen

Source: deen5526

18. Stating the cold, hard truth

Might be a bit hard to swallow, but it is what it is. Did I mention it’s also really funny?

Found This At My Ob Appointment Today

Source: YellowWoodenTable

19. An amazing picture taken by the doctor while the patient was on anesthesia

My Coworker Got His Wisdom Teeth Removed The Other Day, The Doctor Said He Would Take A Funny Picture While He Was Under Anesthesia....My God

Source: snowcommander

20. Bad news in a good way?

Yeah, that’s the only way I can describe this.

 We Had Our Lecture On "Giving Bad News" At My Medical School Today. The Doctor Ended The Hour With These...

Source: amazon
From: boredpanda

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