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30 Funny Comics Perfectly Capture The Winter Blues


It’s less than a week away now! The most dreaded season of the year. Winter. Yes, it brings the holiday season as well, but honestly the joy of the festivities is insufficient to make up for all the troubles caused by the freezing cold weather. All of you who live in warmer climates (or even better on the Southern Hemisphere): you lucky buggers!

Anyway, the challenges winter presents are diverse and plentiful: from the required seventy thousand layers of clothes to ward off the chill to the walking at the breakneck speed of 1 meter per minute due to the fear of slipping on an icy patch and actually breaking your neck. But, they say the best way to deal with adversity is with a smile on your face. So, here’s hoping that these 30 funny illustrations about the winterly woes will manage to do just that. Thanks to Bored Panda for cheering us up in these times of utter misery…

1. Wake up to go to work: still dark. Return from work: dark again!


Source: nothingsuspicio.us

2. All the single ladies deal with the cold by turning into yetis


Source: cassandracalin

3. Haha! Nope! Just trolling you!


Source: owlturd.com

4. Men will never understand this constant struggle


Source: Becky Barnicoat Comics

5. That is a perfectly understandable, miss, enjoy your day off!


Source: lorynbrantz

6. The shortest love story in the history of romance


Source: owlturd.com

7. The toughest decisions are made under cover of the night


Source: natalyalobanova

8. Nothing inspires you to get back to bed more than the prospect of slogging through snow on your way to work


Source: cassandracalin

9. The eternal debate: style or comfort?


Source: jakelikesonions

10. Rare is the person who can keep track of time in winter


Source: Adrienne Hedger

11. One step at a time


Source: Sarah Andersen

12. The best remedy for cold feet: hubby’s warm back!


Source: ktshy

13. Not getting separate Christmas and birthday presents absolutely sucks


Source: nathanwpyle

14. Look on the bright side: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!


Source: Connor Ullmann

15. See? Even the sun can’t manage to wake up in the winter mornings!


Source: nathanwpyle

16. Not sure how rain is worse than snow…


Source: artbymoga

17. Mistaaaake!


Source: Becky Barnicoat Comics

18. Canada’s seasons seem to be much less varied and much more brutal


Source: cassandracalin

19. Everyone’s worst Secret Santa nightmare


Source: Alex Norris

20. If only the jolly season wasn’t so much shorter than the other portion of winter’s wretchedness


Source: Brian Gordon

21. The chill sets in your bones and accumulates over the years. That’s the only plausible explanation for this.


Source: artbymoga

22. Why can’t we hibernate during the whole winter like bears do?


Source: Lunarbaboon

23. The question on everyone’s lips every single freezing cold winter morning


Source: sarahandersencomics

24. Hey, if it’s warm, it’s worn!


Source: planetprudence

25. Always where you least expect it


Source: owlturd.com

26. How dare you play with my emotions like that? Do you think cookies are a bloody game?!


Source: nathanwpyle

27. The solution is simple: knee-high socks!


Source: lorynbrantz

28. Good… Good… Let the cold flow through you!


Source: thepigeongazette

29. When you hurt one precious little snowflake’s feelings and you face unforeseeable consequences


Source: thepigeongazette

30. There will come a moment when receiving clothes as gifts will make you happy and that moment will signify the end of your childhood


Source: deya muniz
From: boredpanda

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