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16 Random Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh


People can sometimes be annoying, frustrating, and even downright infuriating. At times like this, we wish we could somehow teleport to a desert island, or in a little cabin in the middle of the woods, or anywhere where it’s just quiet. Nothing but the sound of silence. Ah, so peaceful. It’s relaxing just imagining it.

But without people there would be nothing to laugh at! And life without laughter would be empty and pointless. Whether they mean to or not, people are hilarious, and they generously share said hilarity with the Internet. Thanks for that!

1. It’s all lies!

Maybe it doesn’t look adorable, but does it work? If it doesn’t, you can always follow the advice on the package, and just try telling your skin to calm down. Guaranteed to work. You can trust me on that.


2. Honesty is the best policy

The manufacturer forgot to add the rest of the instructions for the paper towel dispenser. It was an honest mistake! Luckily, some good samaritan took it upon theselves to correct this mistake.

Reddit | nomdeweb

3. Mums will be mums

Quit badgering me, mum! I’m fine! Look, it says it right here on this paper!

Instagram | @momimfine

4. Teacher, leave them kids alone!

Persistence is supposed to pay off, but in some cases it’s best to just leave well alone.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

5. Which one doesn’t belong…?

Things aren’t what they seem though. Don’t forget there’s always that kid who’s studied for days and still fails.


6. Jump scare

I don’t see how the walrus’s sexuality is a factor in how dangerous he is, but thanks for the info, I think?

Reddit | WestWays818

7. Tongue-in-cheek

You know you can’t resist him. Not when he’s looking you right in the eyes, and with that tongue sticking out in quiet anticipation. Guess you’re gonna have to go and get yourself some more fries…

Reddit | dickfromaccounting

8. Weather Forecasters can now also predict your future!

Well, that’s odd. Usually you start your week at rock bottom, then you slowly climb your way out, and then you’re free. It’s the weekend!

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

9. Diversity

America. The land of opportunity. The place that accepts all kinds of people without discriminating. As long as they’re white, with blond hair and blue eyes.


10. The grass is always greener…

…when you put it on your bread. It looks so healthy I’m afraid of a vitamin overdose, so I think I’ll pass.

Twitter | @CerromeRussell

11. The Red Sea

When you love ketchup so much, it will eventually start flowing in your veins.


12. It’s a matter of life or death

She really should know how her husband likes his burrito…

Instagram | @kalesalad

13. Running low on battery

– Um, excuse me, sir? This isn’t a bus station. Why are you standing here?

– Oh, no, no. I’m not waiting for the bus. I’m just waiting for my phone to charge. See? I can’t move until it does.


14. And fight!

Dinosaur vs. Snowman. Soon, in cinemas near you.

Reddit | mikeroach94

15. It’s the beard that sealed the deal

Well, at least she’s got her priorities straight…


16. Salad!

I’m not jealous or angry. Just really focused and determined to devour this delicious salad!

Reddit | baldf
Source: Diply

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