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Funny Twitter Responses to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Engagement


DNCE lead vocalist Joe Jonas, 28, and 21-year-old Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner have recently announced they are engaged. They were dating for about a year before Joe proposed Sophie with a diamond engagement ring. Their fans have responded on Twitter since the day of the announcement, sending funny tweets, showing their support or even expressing their jealousy. Joe Jonas is really good looking, so it’s kind of understandable.

Here is a list with some of the tweets, compiled by Diply.


1. The die hard Camp Rock fans

Some of the fans were pretty shocked to find out that Shane broke up with Mitchie.

Um, are you for real? Nothing like fictional love.



source:Twitter | @dolansdua

2. Being part of the Jonas family

Some of them were heartbroken by the fact that their chance of being a part of the Jonas family, is getting smaller.

But wait, Nick is still available, and he is as handsome as Joe. Don’t give up on your dreams just yet.

source:Twitter | @BenJpierce

3. The bitter fans

They are really disappointed with Joe moving on in his life. How can he not remember the beautiful moment when he stared at this girl’s eyes with such deep love. She believed what they had was real. Heart-rending.


source:Twitter | @morganhoodiemob

4. We all wanted to be Mrs. Joe Jonas

It’s agreeable that this one is pretty relatable and painful. Of course, you deciding to be Joe Jonas’s wife wasn’t far-fetched at all.

source:Twitter | @dfelt08

5. Joe Jonas keeps disappointing

Some were left feeling just a bit salty about the whole ordeal.

How could he do that to her?

source:Twitter | @csydelko

6. Sophie is not a big enough JoBro fan to become his wife

Some say Sophie is not adequate to join the family if she doesn’t know all the words to his songs.
However, you can give her some credit, there is no way she doesn’t know the lyrics of Cake by the Ocean.

source:Twitter | @erinmeixner

7. And then, the fans whose head wasn’t in the clouds

Or was it? At least, she accepted the reality.


source:Twitter | @allisonlanza

8. Also,there were the fans who couldn’t grasp how mature Joe and Sophie are

How are they ready to have a family and responsibilities and all, when you can’t even decide what TV show to watch on Netlix, or which restaurant to eat in the next time you go out with your boyfriend.

source:Twitter | @danimansuttii

9. Getting engaged is a big step

And not everyone is ready to get engaged. But, those who are and want to spend the rest of their life together, why wait?

source:Twitter | @ashleyiaco

10. The fan who believes that she is not that different from Sophie Turner

It’s almost like they are the same person. Except she is not a successful actress and is not engaged to Joe Jonas.


source:Twitter | @ginnyswifts

11. The supportive fans

And then, there are the ones who are really impressed by Sophie and what she managed to accomplish in just 21 years.

source:Twitter | @hookedtocs

12. The Game of Thrones fans

They can’t believe Sansa’s luck finally turned around. She finally found a man who is gonna treat her right.

source:Twitter | @arakubrick

13. Joe Jonas is the King in the North

And just as happy as Leonardo DiCaprio is in this scene in the Titanic.

source:Twitter | @misstaccato

14. Joe Jonas is going to be a Stark

How cool it would be for Joe to make appearance in Game of Thrones as Sansa’s next husband.


source:Twitter | @alexandergold

15. The obsession with Sophie Turner has grown over the years

This fan cannot decide who he is more jealous of. It’s normal to experience jealousy, both of them are pretty amazing.

source:Twitter | @saigeysaige

16. Lastly, the #Mophie shippers

Some fans are truly surprised that Sophie is not dating her co-worker Maisie Williams.

They really believed that relationship was real.

Twitter | @clasraoswald
source: diply

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