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These Pieces Of Furniture Are Made From Old Airplane Parts!


When it comes to furniture for your home, there are two ways you can go about it. You can either go to Ikea and haul some pre-made furniture, or you can get a little bit creative and make some custom furniture using random parts. Those parts might not seem to have a purpose at first, but if you have the right idea and some skills, you can make some amazing bespoke furniture that all your friends will envy.

If you’re short on ideas on what to use for parts but you’re a big fan of aviation, here are some amazing pieces of furniture made from old airplane parts that should hopefully be some inspiration for you, compiled by Bored Panda.

1. A chair made from a Boeing 747’s cowling

Look how cool this is!


Source: Fallen Furniture

2. Boeing 747 engine conference table


Source: Motoart

3. Wing desk


Source: hauteresidence

4. A shower made with miscellaneous parts


Source: 3storymagazine

5. 747 cowl desk

As you can see, these people really like using parts from a 747.


Source: Proteon

6. Propeller coffee table

A different kind of plane for this one.


Source: mauzemoorman

7. Fuselage desk


Source: motoart

8. Jet engine rotor mirror


Source: Aero Art Shop

9. Wing desk


Source: Eichholtz

10. Engine ceiling fan


Source: aviationflyingfurniture

11. Another wing desk

This time encased in glass so that you can see the wing in great detail.


12. An armchair and footrest made with various parts


Source: Aero Art Shop

13. Engine wine table


Source: Aero Art shop

14. KC-97 front landing gear door sink


Source: Motoart

15. Chair made of miscellaneous parts


So, aviation and airplane fans, I ask you; would you make and put furniture like this in your home if you had the chance? Share your answers in the comments!


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