Future Wanna Be Owners Of Cats: Behold the Caracal

Future Wannabe Owners Of Cats: Behold the Caracal


It seems like I’ve been holding back my love throughout my whole life to finally discover the caracal.

I take pride in being a cat lady. The love that cats give to people is a unique kind and cannot be compared to that of dogs. The cat might be intense around strangers, but trust me when I tell you that they know their nuclear family very well. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time on the Internet looking at cats and their demeanor and laugh at memories that come to mind. It is how I happened to stumble upon this particular cutie.

For a cat-lady like me, all cats are fascinating and gracious looking. However, I find the Caracal, particularly stunning. The word Caracal, comes from the Turkish work ‘karakulak’ which literally means ‘black ears’. So, the 5cm black hairs coming from the top of their ear are their trademark and name. They use their ears for communication. It is said that the black hair tufts enhance hearing through funneling sounds into the ears. More than 20 muscles are used in the process of independently controlling those ears!

The back extremities are long with large paws.

Caracals are small to medium cats which inhabit the territory of Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and India. They thrive in dry regions, however they’ve evolved to survive in woodlands, savannahs, deserts and steppes.

They adapt by hiding during the hot hours of the day and mainly hunting by night. Although considered to be the fastest of their size, their hunting method is mainly the same to that of the domestic cat. They travel up to 20km by night to find food.  The caracal is said to be able to jump to even three meters in the air, causing birds to be easy prey.

Some people have managed to tame the Caracal into a domestic animal. During my research, I was astonished to find a generous amount of home-made videos of proud Caracal owners petting with their cat. The extent to which they are similar to the domestic cat is awe-inspiring.

cats 1

Source:Instagram | @sergey_polyushko

They live in Sub-Saharan Africa and spend most of the day hidden in crevices waiting for the sun to set.

cats 2

Source:Instagram | @sergey_polyushko

Caracal kittens grow up to 40lbs, so your feet might feel a little numb when they spend their nights sleeping on them.

cats 3

Source:Instagram | @mikailapatritz

Domestic cats run fast when provoked, usually at the sight of dogs, but it is nothing compared to the fast-paced Caracal!

cats 4

Source:Mpala Live!

But who cares about stamina? The eyes are the windows of the soul!

cats 5

Source:reddit | MundoDexter

And boy, these cats must have tons of love hidden in their tiny little souls!

cats 6

Source:Instagram | @nataliyasavannahscat

Watch out, birdie!

cats 7

Source: PoC

Is that a velvet tiger toy? Be still my heart!

cats 8

Source:Elon University

This is how my cat pressures me into giving away the tiny portion of my bed that I have left.

cats 9

Source:Instagram | @olin131

Look at these two cuties!

cats 10

Source:Instagram | @antonikaboutique

Make sure that it’s legal to domesticate Caracals where you live. I know it’s a crime not to! Bummer!

cats 11

Source:Instagram | @xanthus_metalhead

I would give everything to be able to snuggle with this cat right meow!

cats 12

Source:Instagram | @ksena_art

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