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Game Of Thrones Wedding Bluepring For Real Fans


Game of Thrones is famous for many groundbreaking things, but the scenes that perhaps live in infamy as much as they do in fame are the wedding ones. The Red Wedding and Purple Wedding, however, did not detract Game of Thrones fans from dreaming of a wedding ceremony inspired by the Seven Kingdoms, and one photographer has created the perfect blueprint for a GoT nuptial rite even George R.R. Martin would not be ashamed of.


Photographer Katie Lee of Katherine Elena Photography teamed up with Something Perfect Events to create the perfect Thrones-inspired wedding, minus all the bloodshed. The picturesque Smithmore Castle in Spruce Pine, North Carolina hosted the ceremony which although being acted out, had all the detail of an actual marriage.


Speaking to Mashable, Katie Lee who helped design the shoot, said: “The gowns had a lot to do with finding a happy medium between fantasy and wedding as well.”


“We knew that we wanted some sort of cape for Austen (who was playing Daenerys) with a very ethereal dress. For Courtney (playing Sansa), we wanted something regal and girly, but very strong.

“The velvet was the perfect fabric for that and the fur cuffs and stole along with the long train were perfect for her.”


“I also really wanted to highlight the strong women of the show and show off their grace and beauty, but also their power,” she added.


The Smithmore Castle in North Carolina is a 121-acre private estate located in the Blue Ridge Mountain Range which is rented out for weddings, meetings, family gatherings, corporate retreats as well as private stays. Its 12,000 square foot mansion includes 6 bedrooms, a wine cellar and a 10-seat theater; a separate structure houses a banquet hall, excercise and leisure facilities.

Game of Thrones season seven will premiere on the 16th of July in the United States and a day later in the United Kingdom.


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