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Fans Think That A Truck Was Spotted In Game Of Throne Episode And Here’s Why


In 2017, fans of everything, are very quick to point things out whether they are theories, inconsistencies or hidden meanings. But, the most recent Game of Throne episode had many people rushing to the internet to make others aware of a new debate that was missed by almost everyone.

There was a clip after Beyond the Wall aired, which was only a few seconds long. That was picked up on some social network sites. The clip was the incredible battle scenes between Jon Snow’s merry men and the White Walkers on the frozen lake.

The battle is praised as one of the best in the show’s history and some fans were quick to notice a white pickup truck in the background. Check it out in the video down below.

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Despite it being white, it still sticks out. The question was simple: “How was this not picked up on before the episode aired?”

That’s probably because it never appeared in the episode. The actual scene sees only one of Jon’s pals falling off the rock from up above before he’s devoured by the White Walkers.

And yes, even though the truck was there, it didn’t make it to the show. So, now fans can relax about the fact that the vehicle didn’t manage to transport back in time. However, they should be thanking their lucky stars that the truck was there because the scene might never have been completed.

(A pickup truck in the background of Game of Thrones) The Joke Hamster –

In the video you can see that the showrunners had to actually use these vehicles and also bigger ones to transport the equipment across Ireland to help constructs a huge set that looks like a frozen lake.

First, the plan was to film the scene in Iceland but the winter months have only a few hours of sunlight per day and it would have taken much longer.

Production designer Deborah Riley explained: “It’s kind of one of those things when you film something in another location and then are responsible for filming that location off somewhere else, you have to really do your homework to make sure you match it as best you can.

“When you stand at the top and look down, it was like we were building an airport or something, the scale of it is enormous.”

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