Taste In What? Meet The Gangs Of The World And Their Poor Fashion Styles

Taste In What? Meet The Gangs Of The World And Their Poor Fashion Styles


Have you noticed that no matter the country, gangs always look… cretinous? Like, some try to excuse their stupid looks down to financial status, but don’t kid me. There are plenty of poor, but decent people who don’t look like absolute jokes.

But since we’re on an “eye stabbing” campaign today, here’s what the world’s poorest, most idiotic gangs look like. Each has its own signature ‘style’, which looks oddly similar to the haircut of another poor gangster half the planet away. Thanks to Providr, here are the latest ‘poor gangsta’ fashion trends.

1. France

These rascals are called the Racaille, and they are notorious for hitting on every girl they set their eyes on. They have a special fondness of Lacoste and make a point of tucking their trousers inside their socks. Oh, the women are WILD for them!



2. England

As you probably already know, the English variant of the poor gangster phenomenon are called Chavs. They like shaving their heads, wear sportswear but also smoke and drink all the time.


3. Japan

Now, there’s the Yakuza. The Yakuza don’t f*ck around, and everyone’s right to fear them. People tremble at the very mention of the word. Here it is once again: YAKUZA. Brrr, right? But Japan also has the Yankii. These are loud, boisterous, and generally weak. They dye their hair orange or blond and their greatest achievement is drinking sake on a street corner.


4. The United States of America

In good ol’ Murica, the ‘low-grade’ gangsters are sometimes called ‘white trash.’ Usually, they live in dingy trailers, drink beer all day, do drugs and yell at each other.

5. The Russian Federation

The Russian version of the Chavs, the Racaille, the Yankii and the White Trash are called Gopniks. Gopniks are very admired on the internet, mostly due to their signature body posture which is known as squatting. A Gopnik is especially capable of sniffing out ‘Amerikanski spies’ and instead of food, consumes cigarettes. They are also experts at stealing easy money.


6. India

As time passes by, India becomes less and less wise and enlightened, it seems. Today, the streets of Mumbai are roamed by the Tapori gangs. Their main profession is deceiving foreign tourists trying to get them to spend money on stuff they don’t need. Their fashion style consists of a bucket of hair gel and plenty of fake jewelry.


Lage Raho Munna Bhai

7. Spain

The Cani are youngsters who blast loud music on public transportation, start fistfights on the streets, and wear dark sunglasses even on midnight. They often roam around without wearing a shirt. Jewelry featuring crosses is the favorite piece of fashion accessories for the Cani gangs.



8. Scotland

Scottish Neds live in the poor suburbs, but somehow still manage to outspend everyone when it comes to drinking. As expected, they are highly aggressive and are prone to picking fights. Their favorite fashion style is wearing matching sportswear decorated with a very serious expression on their faces. Please don’t ask them “Why so serious?”


9. Israel

The Ars are the typical ‘young thugs’ in Israel. For some weird reason, the Ars are super religious but they are also fond of picking fights, blasting loud music in public places and piling up gold chains. These gangs usually wear the traditional Jewish headwear combined with a baseball cap.



So, which one is your favorite gang? Which fashion style do you prefer? Do you aspire to join some of them, or imitate their excellent tastes in fashion? If you are a girl, which gang member do you find the most attractive? True love is blind, after all.

Source: Providr

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