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Seventeen Innovative DIY Ideas For Organizing Your Garage


A garage is so much more than just a space where you park your car: it stores gardening and power tools, toys for the kids, sports equipment, and all those things we currently have no need for, but surely will at some point in the future. If you live in a house, it’s highly probable you cannot imagine your life without a garage, so it’s double important you keep it a tidy, organized and enjoyable space to be in. Here are eighteen ideas to show you how.


1. PVC pipes

You can use labeled PVC pipes to organize your gardening tools instead of having them lying around and getting in your way.


2. Pegboard

For your tools and things you need to keep handy, you can use a pegboard.


3. Collapsible table

Install a collapsible table in your garage! You can use it as a workstation and then store it away nicely so that you still have lots of room when you’re not working.


4. Magnet

Use a magnet strip to keep all of your drill bits organized. This way, they will be easily distinguishable and you will always find what you are looking for.


5. Toys

If your kids’ toys are sprawled out everywhere, use some tape to make a parking space for each one –  this way you can teach your children to be more responsible with where they leave them.


6. Bucket

Attaching a bucket to your walls is an easy substitute for a hose holder and it will keep the hose wrapped up instead of tangled up on your garage floor.


7. Balls

By using a bungee cord, you can easily create storage space for soccer balls, basketballs, and other sports equipment – the cords’ elasticity will allow you to get them out and put them back easily.


8. Wall panel

Adding a wall panel is a great way to keep things organized: it can hold a lot of weight and gives you lots of options about shifting things around.


9. Shoe organizer

You can keep things such as spray paint cans in one place and organized with the help of a shoe organizer.


10. Ladders

Using some hooks, place your ladder horizontally and save space. Having it low will give you the possibility to use the space the ladder would otherwise occupy for shelving or a similar solution.


11. Racks

You can get lots of extra storage space by installing some racks above your garage door!


12. Railing

Railing on the side walls will allow you to keep all kinds of stuff while leaving the floor open for your car and even more storage.


13. Cabinets

If you have some old, kitchen cabinets lying around, don’t throw them away: they will help you add storage space and keep things organized.


14. Crates

Modify an old crate and hang it upright on the wall: this way you can hang up your bike on a helmet holder.


15. Locker room

With this changing room feel, everyone in the family can have their own separate storage space and you’ll never end up having a mixup again.


16. Baskets

You can add some baskets underneath for storing shoes and smaller items.


17. Hangers

Some wooden knobs on the walls will allow you to hang up just about anything and keep it all visible and in order.


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