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Gemma Collins Was Found Collapsed Again In Bathroom At Home


After suffering extreme stomach pains, Gemma Collins collapsed on the floor. She was discovered by her makeup artist who immediately called for rapid medical attention.

The queen of reality TV might be suffering from painful kidney stones according to a private source and the doctors say that she may need to be admitted to hospital is the situation doesn’t improve.

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The 36-year-old had filming commitments and was getting ready for the day at her makeup artist Lisa’s home.

What Lisa knew next was that Gemma had fallen to the floor so she called the medical attention. After suffering with kidney stone symptoms she has struggled with her health recently.

Her family and friends are really hoping that she will make a recovery but for now the TOWIE filming is put on hold.

Collins was supposed to be on set of The Only Way Is Essex. This is the second time she has fallen ill, following the incident last week after making a club appearance. She was forced to pull out of there after being struck down with cystitis.

The doctors say that she needs to stay in bed and rest for now.

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But she has been in the wars for some time now. She also fell through a stage live on television while presenting an award at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards 2017.

You can watch that moment down below.

Gemma also took a video and a swimsuit selfie in which her fans got worried after noticing some injuries and bruises after her “stage fall.”


After her brush with gravity, Gemma told This Morning:

“I’m in a bit of shock still, I am in a bit of pain this morning but I found the whole experience absolutely hilarious.

“The seriousness of it is that it could have been fatal because what people don’t see is that under there it’s all machinery.

“It could have been fatal but it wasn’t so you’ve just got to dust yourself off – it was the best moment of my life to stand on stage at Wembley Stadium but I just wish I hadn’t got so excited and spun round to give them the award and fell in the hole.”


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We hope Gemma gets well soon!

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