This Baby Gender Cake Holds More Than One Surprise!

This Baby Gender Cake Holds More Than One Surprise!


The gender of your baby is always a huge and happy surprise. And the joy of informing people is not just for the doctors anymore. The interesting new trends of finding out the baby’s gender keep growing. The latest addition to the colored balloons, cakes and ribbons, is the coloring of the inside frosting of the cake. This way, as you cut the cake you can find out if your secret wish for a boy or a girl has come true.

But for this mom-to-be, the cake included a second, secret surprise.

Back in February 2015, Lindsey and Rothana, her partner and the father of the baby, held a small party. They gathered their closest friends and family in their home, so they could reveal the gender of their baby. Their baker prepared for them a baby gender cake, which can made of either pink or blue frosting, depending on the gender. No one from the people present at the party had any idea what the cake would reveal.

surprise 1

After the initial excitement and preparations, the couple finally cut a piece of the cake, inscribed with the lullaby “Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are.” All the guests start cheering once they catch a glimpse of the blue frosting, meaning its boy, but it turns into surprise when Rothana pulls out something else from the cake. Nobody is prepared for what comes next, thinking it could all just be a joke, and its actually a girl.

A few seconds later, the screaming and excitement reaches a whole new level. Everyone figures out what is about to happen next, as Rothana gets down on one knee. After apologizing to Lindsey for waiting a long time for this moment, he promptly proposes, leaving no dry eye in the house.

surprise 2

Later on, Rothana wrote “Lindsay gave birth to our beautiful son, Neiko Urijah Maom on April 20, 2015.”; and even though the baby is about to turn two years old, the internet can’t stop replaying this joyfull video.

Video Credit: Rothana Mao / Instagram


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