Gender Reveal Party Rainbow Confetti Confuses Expecting Parents

Gender Reveal Party Rainbow Confetti Confuses Expecting Parents


These young expecting parents were thoroughly confused to see rainbow confetti at their gender reveal party!

Chrissy and Tracy are, what can you say, a rather young couple. They were first married in August 2013. Fast forward two years, the couple was blessed with baby news!

In November 2015, they gathered their closest friends for a gender reveal party in the front yard. The idea for the big gender reveal? They had to pop a giant black balloon filled with confetti in front of the gathered crowd. Everything is caught on tape!

The family made the arrangements together with the store party staff. The couple had no idea what their baby’s gender was.

The balloon floats, anchored to the ground between the parents-to-be. Pins in hand.

parents 1

The family starts the countdown. Five, four, three, two, one…!

Chrissy and Tracy pop the balloon! They are showered with multi-colored confetti! Someone shouts out ‘It’s Twins!’. The couple are befuddled.

So, what exactly happened?

parents 2

The couple is standing dumbfounded with their arms open as if waiting for the answer to this completely berserk situation to come falling from the skies.

Finally, someone assuredly says “Look inside the box!” from behind the camera!

“It’s nothing in the box!” says the mother. The father is anxiously going through the box but there is nothing but little pebbles in there to keep the balloon from flying off.

Then, there is a guy entering the shot from the left side, carrying another black balloon. This one is even bigger! The crowd is ecstatic! There are cheering from the sides!

parents 3

Everyone back to their places! Five, four, three, two, one!

Pop! Blue confetti come flying out of the balloon! It’s a boy!

parents 4

The parents are out of this world with joy! They kiss and hug!


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