Gender Reveal Party Takes A Turn For The Worse

Gender Reveal Party Takes A Turn For The Worse


Zac and Jamie must have had their baby by now since this video of their gender reveal party was shot back in 2015. And I hope everything is well with them!

However, I wanted to share with you this particular video and the horror on their faces when their gender reveal party took a turn for the worst!

In June 2015, the couple threw a gender reveal party and invited all of their friends to share their happiness with them.

The plan was that their mothers were supposed to let the pastry shop’s party staff know the baby’s gender and the pastry should make a cake in accordance to the gender. Blue for a girl, pink for a boy… Nah just kidding  – you know how it goes!

The expecting parents start cutting the cake.

gender 1

The point is that there should be either pink or blue icing in the middle. As Zac slices a piece out of the whole cake, they both notice that the icing is white. Uh oh!

gender 2

At this point, you can cut the tension in the room with a knife! And he is holding one.

Let’s try from the other side, shall we?

gender 3

Nope, still no pink or blue icing. Welp! Someone turns off the music…

Consequently, the mother-in-laws now start having a discussion. The mother demands that they call the store and set the wrong right!

However, you can see the couple’s first son passing the mother a box right around the 2:02 mark. Moreover, the boy suggests that they start opening the presents in the meantime.

gender 4

“It’s a girl!” the mother suddenly yells!

Excited women start gathering around the mother as they all start sobbing! The mother is in disbelief and she seems utterly touched by the news! Her hubby comes to her and hugs her!

It was later revealed the box contained an Alex and Ani stork bracelet. There was also a hand-written note from the doctor revealing to the lucky parents that they would be welcoming a little girl!


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