An Extraordinary Gender Reveal Party With A Twist

An Extraordinary Gender Reveal Party With A Twist


Welcome to your not so ordinary gender reveal party! A gender reveal party took place on October 3rd, 2015 in a scavenger hunt style.

The expecting parents, their son and their friends and relatives were all divided into Team Pink and Team Blue. Dad was Team Pink and mom and son were Team Blue.

They all got into a car and followed the clues that were provided by their friend who was driving the car.

First stop: Big Lots!

When they arrived at Big Lots they entered the shop. One of the cashiers gave the boy a baby washing mitt as a gift which contained a message with a clue for the next destination.

The card read: ”There is a major speed bump in the road; head to your final destination for your final clue!”

gender 1

Upon what seems to be an internal understanding of where that speed bump might be, the family is headed towards the Grandmother’s house.

There are a lot of people attending the party there, a lot of pink and blue balloons… Friends are greeting the parents. Hugs are all over!

However, the hunt must continue!

Now, in the next part of the game, mom’s tummy is painted with a message of the baby’s gender all the while she must not look down.

I would assume that the lady who is painting her tummy is her mom or a close relative.

The camera is zooming on the drawing. We see that it is a drawing of a wedding ring. However, the expecting mother is not aware of that.  Later, we see the words ‘boy’ written in the ring.

gender 2

As soon as they are done, the mother is ushered onto the porch, coming down the stairs, stopping on the last one. She is blindfolded.

In the very next shot, we see her taking off the blindfold only to see her fiance down on one knee, engagement ring in his hand!

She then rushes to see her tummy! There she sees the drawing of the engagement ring and the word ‘boy’ in it!

gender 3

Oh, happy days! A little baby boy! Congratulations to the family!


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