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A Couple Staged A Gender Reveal But Didn’t Tell Anyone They Had Actually Had Twins


Some gender reveals reveal far more than just the baby’s gender. This was the case with Sharon and Korey Rademacher who already during the pregnancy decided to keep a secret that wouldn’t be revealed to their family and friends before the babies’ gender reveal.

The spelling – babies’ instead of baby’s – is exactly what their closest ones did not know.

The couple from Pensacola, Florida met at Pensacola Christian College and married in 2010; soon after, their welcomed their fist child: a son. When they found out they were expecting a second child in August 2014, the couple decided to not only keep their baby’s gender a secret, but leave out the most important piece of information completely.

secret 1

Since most of the Rademachers’ family members and friends live outside Florida, it wasn’t too difficult to keep their secret. They simply deactivated their Facebook accounts and swore the couple of close friends who were let in on the secret to absolute secrecy.

And when Sharon gave birth on the 11th of April 2016, a large entourage arrived at the West Florida Hospital in Pensacola to witness the long-awaited gender reveal, blissfully unaware that there were two little girls – Mary Ann Grace and Brianna Faith – they were about to meet.

secret 2

The Rademachers were filming each and every one’s reaction as visitor after visitor pulled the hospital curtain aside only to squeal or exclaim in shock as two newborn babies were giggling at them.

secret 3

Check out the video below to find out why it was seen over four million times in less then a week when it was first posted in April 2015.



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