The Gender Of The Unique And Rare Pink Dolphin In Louisiana Is Revealed


Is seems that the citizens living near the Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana are really lucky. But if you are not from there you can’t be at fault for not knowing about Pinky, their local celebrity. They all love the dolphin and tried to guess the gender of the mammal with unique pink skin. Some liked to believe it’s female because of the color.

Not so long ago Captain Erik Rue from the Calcasieu Charter Service managed to finally get close enough to Pinkie during mating season.


The Captain proved that the curious dolphin, believed to be albino, who swam as close as 10 feet to his boat, is a girl. “I’ve taken a ton of pictures of her mating, and it proves she’s a female,” Erik told ABC News. “I believe I’m first one who saw her and I know I’m the first one to take pictures of her.”



Now everyone is waiting for her to have babies. Who knows maybe Pinky will have some more pink dolphins!?

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