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When Genetics Throws The Greatest Surprise Of All


Life is full of surprises, but how much can we really take when it’s about our children?

Rosemere Fernanda de Andrade gave birth to a perfectly healthy, white baby girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Aw! Nothing out of the ordinary there, right?

Well, yeah, if you don’t consider the fact that both mother Rosemere and the father of the baby were actually black.

However, the reason behind this, was that beautiful baby Ruth suffers from a rare genetic disorder that you may have heard of already, albinism. It’s basically an absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes, and it leaves sufferers exposed to a range of afflictions.

After returning to her village in a poor part of Recife, Brazil, Rosemere struggled with the way friends and neighbors reacted to her baby. They even made comments that her baby was diseased or even the father could maybe someone else.

It wasn’t until one year later that Rosemere gave birth to her second child with albinism, Stefani.

The doctors explained that both parents must carry a gene for albinism and so each time they had a child there was a one in four chance the child would have it. And the result of these chances was that the family had three black and three albino children.

Her biggest concern is how the three kids with albinism needed special care. They need to be super careful in the sun, with sunblock applied super-often and could only play outside for hours after sundown, as they don’t have natural protection from the sun.

Rosmere is brave though, and now perfectly aware that even some of her children may have children with albinism one day. She says she’s going to be a normal grandmother and accept all of her grandchildren, just as she did with her own.

Because of the variety, she has so many situations when people react very strange when she walks around with her children.


Meet this amazing family in the video below!


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