Genie Bouchard Shares Her Dad’s Reaction To Her Swimsuit Photo Shoot

A father-daughter relationship is one of the strongest and most peculiar bonds that you will ever see or experience. It is also a complex and a beautiful thing when done right, and of course, celebrities aren’t immune to family banter, either.

Just recently, the beautiful 23-year-old Canadian professional tennis player Genie Bouchard modeled for the legendary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in the Caribbean. Her dad’s reaction to the video was priceless, and the 2014 Wimbledon runner-up did not hesitate to share it with her fans.

Sports Illustrated have invited Twitter to go behind the scenes on the Aruba shoot:

After the publication of the photo shoot, many praised the Canadian tennis pro who was the 2013 WTA Newcomer of the Year.

Her dad, Michel, also praised her, but it was an awkward moment for him. Accepting your daughter’s decision to do what she wants with her body is not easy for a father.

Genie shared the text she received from him on Twitter:

Mr. Bouchard texted his daughter:

“You know its a bit strange for a dad to see his daughter half clad in a magazine. But its done so tastefully. I’m proud of you. Well done!”

Can this man get a round of applause, please?


Since having to withdraw with concussion prior to her 4th round match at the 2015 US Open, Bouchard’s tennis has taken a back seat. That’s why her ranking dropped out of the top 100 in January 2018 for the first time since April 2013.

Do you remember Eugenie’s Twitter date last year?


Last year, Bouchard went on a date with University of Missouri senior John Goehrke. This happened after she lost a bet over who would win the Super Bowl match-up between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.

The Falcons led the Patriots for most of the game, and she tweeted: “I knew Atlanta would win btw.”


This is the tweet that started it all:

The football player responded to Bouchard’s tweet, asking her if she would go on a date with him in the event of the Patriots winning. Eventually, the New England team turned around the game and did win, so the two went out on a date just a few days later to see a Brooklyn Nets game in New York City and are reportedly still hanging out!

On my super bowl twitter date 🙊

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

At the time, Bouchard said the date was ‘awesome’, dubbing John ‘normal’.

She said:

“I planned the date. He picked me up at my hotel like a gentleman, then we came over here. He brought me a nice little gift and he enjoyed the game courtside. I’m lucky he’s normal. For sure there will be a second date.”

The pair went to the 2018 Super Bowl LII together and Genie shared selfies from their recent date

They happily posed for pictures, remarking on “what a difference a year makes” and sharing the hashtag #NotDone

The pair also took control of the NFL Canada Twitter account for a Q&A session with the public using a #SuperBowlDate hashtag

However, they are not a thing, apparently.

Even though the pair claim they aren’t in a romantic relationship, it seems like Twitter helped in making this friendship last!

Here is more on Genie and John’s friendship.

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