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11 Absolute Genius Ways To Bend-But-Not-Break The Rules


Rules exist for a reason, right? Well… Yes. Most of the time, anyway. Some people find rules quite silly, though. So it’s not at all surprising to come across wise guys like the ones below who’ve found a loophole and dared to exploit it. They’re simply genius, aren’t they? So much cleverer than the rest of us rule-abiding regular people.

Check out this list, courtesy of CollegeHumor, of people who have beaten the system with their magnificent creativity and sheer brilliance. Take a hint out of their book if you want and learn how to bend the rules like all the cool kids do…

1. How to sneak in some booze

Put it in a baguette, obviously.


Source: XtraLargePope

2. How to save money

Tip the waiter with some of your meal which is already free.


Source: marsdreamers

3. How to get two for the price of one

That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works!


Source: duelinganalogs

4. How to save time

No-one has time for eating a main course and then a dessert.


Source: sevendoor

5. How to bring your dog to your dorm

Dress it in a fish outfit. No one will notice… Right?


Source: Sizzle

6. How to increase your sales

Because now the customers will want to “fool” the shopkeeper by buying two separate 1/2 liter beverages and getting a full liter for less money than it really costs. But they will end up fooled themselves, because they will have bought more drinks than they needed in the first place. I see what you did there, you “lousy” mathematician!


Source: perknitty

7. How to get what you want

By the power of magnets!

Source: donnadulcinea

8. How to toe the line

He’s technically correct, which is the best (or worst, depends on your point of view) kind of correct.


Source: me.me

9. How to bring out the best in others

This one is good. Printers never know their own limits.


Source: askreddit

10. How to increase your calorie per second intake

Just looking at this picture might do the trick…


Source: KokoFeed

11. How to avoid voiding your warranty

Yes, now that the seal isn’t broken, obviously the warranty still stands.


Source: Earthables
From: collegehumor

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