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15 Genius Solutions To Some Common Household Problems


We face problems all around the house on a daily basis, but you needn’t worry, as there are lots of quick and cool solutions that should take care of the most common ones. If you’re facing these common problems, then I think it’s a good idea to read on.

1. Bathroom smells

Pour some of your favorite scented cleaning product into the toilet brush holder. Extra scrubbing power and reduced odors.

15 Genius Solutions To Some Common Household Problems 1

Source: The Home Depot

2. Hose storage

Store your watering hose in a galvanized bucket. That way, you’ll make it easy to transport around your garden and you won’t trip over it.

15 Genius Solutions To Some Common Household Problems 2

Source: Welcome to the Little Red Farmhouse

3. Rust-free kitchen knives

Soak the knives in lemon juice and wipe them clean with either a sponge or cloth, and avoid putting them in the dish washer or leaving them in the sink covered in residue to avoid rust in the future.


Source: Fabulessly Frugal

4. Soft brown sugar

Put a couple of marshmallows inside the bag of brown sugar to prevent it from going hard and to waste ever again.


Source: Nicole Perry and Anna Monette Roberts | Popsugar

5. Secure garbage bags

Stop plastic bags from falling into your garbage bin by using adhesive hooks. Definitely writing this idea down…


Source: Reddit | bobret

6. Easy painting

Make the task of painting the walls easier by pouring your paint into an empty milk jug, and you’ll have a handle to hold the jug by!


Source: 1000 Life Hacks

7. Heat two things in the microwave at once

Can’t fit more than one bowl in the microwave? Use a coffee mug to prop one of them up. You’ll save time if you have to microwave two bowls.


Source: Reddit | DaNReDaN

8. Hang photos easily

Save time by just applying a small dab of toothpaste to the photo’s hanging mechanism.


Source: Somewhat Simple

9. Fresh dishwasher

To do a full overhaul clean of your dishwasher, put vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container and then run a normal cycle. When the cycle is done, remove the container, sprinkle the bottom of the washer with baking soda and run another cycle.


Source: One Good Thing By Jillee

10. Mat slippage

Adding a few lines of hot glue to the bottom of your welcome mat will keep it from sliding all over the floor.


Source: YouTube | HouseholdHacker

11. Loud cupboards and drawers

Tape and hot glue create bumpers that soften the impact of your cupboards and drawers that make loud noises.


Source: YouTube | HouseholdHacker

12. Soap scum

Maintaing the cleanliness of your tub by using a mixture of vinegar and dish soap.


Source: Crazy Organized

13. Pet hair in carpets

A rubber squeegee through your carpets or hard floors will get rid of those pesky pet hairs.


Source: Thrifty and Chic

14. Blind cleaning tool

Secure a microfiber cloth to a pair of tongs to clean difficult-to-access areas, such as between the blinds.


Source: Sprinkle Some Fun

15. Open difficult jars

If you need to open a stubborn jar, cover the lid with some duct tape and then pull on it. Guaranteed to open.


Source: Reddit | IONIZEDatom

Have any more solutions to common household problems to share? Share them in the comments!


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