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Check Out These Gorgeous Geode Engagement Ring Boxes


What’s the benchmark for a woman’s excitement and happiness? What’s the highest level that will never be surpassed? Despite popular belief that it’s going to the jewelry or shoe store and buying the item they had been saving up for 3 years after its price was discounted, it’s actually when a girl’s man kneels down in front of her, pulls out a little box with a shiny ring inside, opens it and says the magic words “Will you marry me?”

Most of those shiny rings tend to come in small, felt covered, often normal shaped boxes. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, you’ve already spent a load of money on the ring, how can you possibly win her heart any more than you already have? Well, I think the answer to that question lies in these incredible geode engagement ring boxes.

Check Out These Gorgeous Geode Engagement Ring Boxes 1

In case you’ve never heard the word “geode” before, it’s basically a small cavity of rock that is usually lined with crystals or other mineral matter. Just look how amazing these boxes look!

Throwback to this gorgeous beauty I made a few weeks back! 😍 will have more of these #aura boxes available in January ❤️

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These amazing mineral-infused ring boxes are sold by Instagram account @jewelrybyserendipity. They’re all individually crafted out of real, hand-picked from cave geodes and they also make jewelry out of real minerals and crystals. They have shared almost 1500 photos of their incredible handywork to their 64.4k followers.

Thank you all for the overwhelming response on my last video 💕 I will be getting more aura and natural geode caves in, I will be selling just the geodes as is 💟 update: @grimshaw_minerals is selling the natural geode boxes, please inquire with them for sales

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They’re all currently sold on the website which goes by the same name, and they go for a $100 a piece. The Instagram account also claims “As seen on The Vampire Diaries”. I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual props on TVD were made by these people.


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Even though the price is… debatable, we think it’s well worth it. Considering that these are actual minerals and crystals and not just fancy plastic composite material pretending to be crystals.


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We would love to see the looks on brides-to-be’s faces that have received their engagement rings in a box like this. All girls I know would be in total awe, that’s for sure.

So, boyfriends that are soon planning to pop the question, you may wanna consider putting the ring in one of these before putting the ring on it. I mean, after all, an extra few dollars spent is an extra few inches of smile on your girl’s face.


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