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This German Model Is Making A Full Transition To Black With Tanning Injections


We talk about plastic surgery a lot on here. While in the past, we’ve talked about the human Ken doll or the guy that wanted to transform into an elf, but Martina Big is a different kind of plastic surgery transformation that I’m going to assume you haven’t seen before.

Martina is a German glamour model whose most noticeable and controversial transformation, alongside her breasts, is changing her skin tone, as Martina is on a mission to become a black woman.

As mentioned before, she significantly increased the size of her breasts as well. And when I say significantly, that’s an understatement. She has increased from a size 32D to what’s according to her, a cup size with 20 “Ds” behind her bust size.

Her skin transformation started out with her love for tanning, but now she claims to identify with being black and is on a mission to become a black woman.

On her Facebook page, she explained that she changed her hair so it can mimic black hair texture and color, and then she added curly extensions


“Yes, that’s true. First I just wanted to be tanned. But then I noticed that not only my appearance, but also my feelings and beauty ideals have changed. I find black women so beautiful that I now want to become a black woman. Please do not confuse this with a “black face”. This is exactly the opposite! I do not want to offend black people! For me the transformation is very important. Because I follow my heart.“ – she stated


She now claims to be a “ black woman with heart and soul” and has even said that her new-found identity has improved her love for her job, as modelling has become more “exciting”.
“In the past, as a white woman, for me the photo shoots had become routine. Now as a black woman, the photo shootings have become so exciting. I often wonder about myself in the pictures. Being a black woman is so unpredictably great. I admired the beauty of the black women so much. That I now become more and more a black woman, this is for me the most beautiful gift in the world.” she stated.


“Please understand me. I’m not a white woman, with black skin and African hair. I’m a black woman with heart and soul. Getting more and more the body of a black woman is so a wonderful and liberating feeling for me. I don’t want to offend anyone! But I’m not only outwardly a black woman, I’m also with heart and soul a black woman, I swear that by God!” – she very enthusiastically insists that she’s black and not a white woman transformed.

I don’t want to sound mean, but that’s not gonna pass.

In addition to fulfilling her desire to fully replicate the aesthetic of a black woman, Martina has also been very vocal about her love for the Baywatch series, and her adulation of lead actress Pamela Anderson in particular.

To celebrate her love for Baywatch, Martina did a  photoshoot in a Baywatch-esque swimsuit, and she also starred in a photo shoot with the same theme before changing her complexion, and these photos are a considerable contrast to her more pale days.

Martina does make some pretty controversial choices, and needless to say, many black people have been angered by her actions and say that a simple change of complexion isn’t going to be enough to accept her as a black woman.

Notwithstanding, her fans showered her with praise and support and Martina herself did not seem swayed by the criticism.

Do you support Martina and the physical changes she’s making? Share your thoughts on this story in the comments below!

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