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NikkieTutorials Gets Ready With Her Bestfriend Kim Thai


Getting your makeup done is so much fun, but doing it your bestfriend? Even better. If you are a makeup freak or have ever passed by YouTube, you probably know by now the famous makeup artist Nikkie Tutorials.

She has been doing makeup tutorials for some time now, but after a lot of requests, she has finally made a tutorial with her bestfriend Kim Thai. You can see this video has very different energy from the ones where she is by herself, because duhh, Kim is there to keep her laughing all the time.


Isn’t that what a bestfriend does?

“Kim is really tiny and I am really tall so when we walk the streets together, we look ridiculous,” Nikkie jokes about it.


If you have been watching Nikkie’s tutorials you would know by now that she does her foundation in a very light color. Her face is a little bit red and she want’s to keep it balanced with her skin tone. As for Kim, she goes with a very well matched tone foundation which is a little bit darker than Nikkie’s.



Nikkie goes for a beautiful orange look on her eyes while Kim decides on something more reddish. They follow the eye art with eyelashes.



Nikkie loves bright colors, so she goes with red lipstick and Kim to smooth things up a little goes with a pretty nude color.


Do you like this look? Share it with your own bestfriend! Hell, make you own tutorial, these guys make it look like so much fun!


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