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How To Get Rid Of That Mildew Smell Coming From Your Washing Machine


Mmmm the satisfaction of clean and fresh smelling laundry is all we want when taking out the clothes from the washing machine, right? However, sometimes things might go wrong and instead of nice smelling clothes we might face an icky odor. If that is the case, we are sorry to tell you that there is a little “monster” in your machine causing this smell.

The monster we are talking about is MOLD. According to some research, the front-load washing machines are the perfect breeding ground for mold. BUT before you start panicking continue reading this article because we have  a solution for your problem.


Source:Via Meta Spoon

Now, if you smell the nasty odor of mildew when you do your laundry, the first thing you should check is the rubber rim. If you pull it back you will be able to see if your machine is hosting  some gross mold. If you haven’t seen mold youll recognise it as a dark, gloomy sometimes brown, red or even green tiny little fungus. If you don’t see this in your rubber rim then you are good, but if you see what’s described then its time to take some action.

All you need for this is 16 ounces of white vinegar and Clorox bleach. WARNING: never ever use these two ingredients together because they can be toxic!! Instead, you must use them separately.



Source:Via Meta Spoon

Next step, take the bleach and mix it with water and start wiping down all the accessible parts of the washing machine  (the powder tray, the rubber seal, etc.). Next, run the machine on a hot cycle, with NO clothes in it, for 30 minutes to clean the bleach. As a final step, take the vinegar and add it to the machine and run it on a cycle for another 30 minutes. At the end you will find that the disturbing mold has dissappared and once again you will be able to smell that nice fresh scent on your clothes!

Watch the full tutorial on the video below:


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