How To Get Rid Of Spiders And Mice Using A Single Tea Bag!


As winter is coming all the creepy crawly little monsters start worming their way inside to escape the cold. If you are scared to death of mice or spiders here is a very simple trick which is totally a game changer.

Forget about the sleepless nights when you  wonder if there if there is a spider on your face or a mouse under your bed.


This method will not only  change your life for the better but it is unbelievably cheap. No dangerous chemicals or complicated expensive methods are included! The only thing that you will need for this hack is a simple tea bag and some water.

The unbelievably effective tea used in this hack is Peppermint! The only thing you have to do is brew the tea and leave the bag in the room where you think there are spiders or mice.

The most suitable place for the tea bag is the corner of your room. In order for the trick to work better you can even place one in each corner of the room. The results will come instantly! No more spiders or mice in your house!

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