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The 10 Step Thought Process When You Are Considering Bangs


You may have had terrible bangs during childhood, but once you grew up, you realised bangs can be a great look and anyone can try them every once in a while. Well, not exactly anyone. Getting bangs is indeed a great change, and although you’ve watched like 100 tutorials, you are still thinking if it’s the right length, or the right decision. But many of us have been there and done all of that. And these are some examples of the stages you go through before finally having bangs.

And be warned, it might just encourage you to get them today.

1. You start looking at pictures of people who have bangs, and you start wondering if you could do that too.

She just got bangs! Why can’t I get them, too? And you get all enthusiastic.

Source: Beautyeditor

2. You can’t stop looking at bangs inspiration, as well as picturing different styles.

You can part them in the middle, to the left side, to the right side, or across your forehead. And what’s  probably the best, if you get tired of them, you can always pin them back.

Source: Swanky Malone

3. Before making the risky decision, you start asking your friends what they think about this change.

If they give you a green light, you are even more excited than before.

Source: Head Over Feels

4. Now you probably start telling yourself that you’re ready. 

‘I was born ready!’


5. By now, you’ve probably watched 50 YouTube videos on how to cut bangs.

And…you’re ready!

Source: Instagram | @kamilabravo

6. You take a deep breath, and you just go for it!

Yes, you are doing it! You are FINALLY doing it!


7. After cutting your hair, you might actually like your bangs and the new change.

You’re feeling yourself and your new hair. You’re happy and glad you took the plunge. Lucky you!


8. Or you might just mess up…

And it sucks when you do. Hiding them is going to be a pain. Good luck growing them out! Time flies, though.

Source: Reddit | urancher

9. You made a mistake, and that’s okay! It’s good to take a chance.

Now you have to be brave and deal with it. I know that you can.

Source: Reddit | mosen2

10. Push the bangs back or pin them to the side.

It might be a while before they grow out, so you can think about visiting your hairdresser, too. Actually maybe that should have been your first thought! Lesson learned!

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