Ghost Come In Different Shapes And Sizes, Just Like In This Photo

Ghosts Come In Different Shapes And Sizes, Just Like In This Photo


Whether it is just a weird feeling, a strange touch, or a brush against the senses, we have all felt it. That strange feeling that there is something there, just beyond the edge of our understanding. And no matter if you believe in the supernatural or not, there are just somethings that defy belief. And always, the first question that pops to mind is, do you believe in ghosts?

As a general rule, there are two types of people in the world. You either believe in ghosts and the idea that the soul and spirit of the body exists separately, or you do not. And even though we try to look for a rational, factual explanation, sometimes that that idealistic belief in things other than what we can see is just a little stronger. No matter what we wish to believe, our brains just want to see what they want to see. And the one thing that the brain always looks for is human faces. Whether it’s an old picture, photograph, or just a simple trick of the light, our perspective always influences what the brain chooses to see. And even though most ghost photographs are just a trick, we sometimes stop and wonder, what if?

Back when photography was having its humble beginnings, it was considered to be magical. It was unheard of to be able to create someones likeness in such a short time and its that same idea that created the whole mysticism of photos of people that were not really there, the infamous ghost photographs. And even though there are many hoaxes in the world, this following photo definitely falls into the category of ‘what if?’ There is definitely something that can’t just be completely explained.

ghost 1

The photo comes from the beginning of 20th century Belfast in Ireland (Modern Northern Ireland). It is a regular black-and-white photo that shows a group of women factory workers still wearing their uniforms. But if you look much closer, beside all those unsure smiles and nervousness, there is something that just doesn’t belong? Did you see it? A little hint, look at the woman on the right.

ghost 2

If all the women in the photo have their arms crossed, whose hand is that? No matter if you believe in ghosts, that definitely is pretty spooky. If you don’t believe in ghosts, who does that hand belong to? It has already been checked, and Photoshop has been ruled out, and we can’t think of another rational explanation. Maybe you can help us out, what do you think it is?


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