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12 Gifts You Must Buy (But Not For People You Like)


Christmas is coming! How exciting! Opening the presents is my absolute favorite time of the year! But, buying presents for friends and family, not so much. I never know what to get them!

Sometimes you go for something that will be useful to them, but other times you see something completely ridiculous and you just know that it will make an excellent present. Maybe they don’t actually need it, but they might just want it really, really bad. Or they might not, no guarantees. But, you will love the look on their face as they unwrap it! Just keep in mind, that the survival of your relationship with the recipient of said gift, is not guaranteed.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at these ideas for presents, compiled by Diply, and everything will become clear…

1. The cathorn

Look at that cat’s face! It’s loving it!


Source: Archie McPhee

2. The shark blanket

A really unfortunate fin placement there..people

Source: Reddit | dearzoez

3. The tiniest plant pot in the world

If you can’t make the time to go out in nature, carry nature around with you.


Source: OddityMall

4. The Val Kilmer paper doll

It costs a mere $1,000… Not even Val Kilmer’s mother would pay that ridiculous amount!


Source: Etsy | JenniferMillsStore

5. The bacon floss

Move over, minty fresh! There’s a new player in town!


Source: Reddit | codyhowell4

6. This hat

How to subtly tell someone they stink and that you hate them.


Source: Twitter | @Evaa_mora

7. Hagrid’s wine glass

Doctors recommend drinking one glass of wine every day. You:


Source: Reddit | lunargrover

8. The ugliest Christmas sweater in the history of Christmas sweaters

I’d rather freeze to death, than wear that monstrosity!


Source: Reddit | bolandt89

9. When she says, “If you know what I mean…”, but you don’t

This position can be rough on your knees. Don’t forget your knee pads!


Source: Instagram | @prepperdame

10. This super sexy lingerie

Perfect for when you are hungry and horny at the same time!



Source: Instagram | @prepperdame

11. The Jeff Goldblum and monkey shower curtain

You get pretty strange ideas while taking a shower, but you have to be a really wacky individual to go, “Hmmm… you know what would look really great in this shower? A giant picture of Jeff Goldblum’s face. With a monkey!”


Source: Amazon | LiangZP

12. Peter Dinklage

Don’t know how you can manage this, but if you do, you’ll make any true Game of Thrones fan’s Christmas. Scratch that. You’ll make their whole year!


And don’t forget: if you order something online and it doesn’t arrive, you are still obliged to leave a review. And include at least five different photos of your empty hands.


Source: Reddit | Iftekhar_haq
From: diply

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