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Super model Gigi Hadid gives elbow in the face to attacker


Gigi Hadid who was assaulted by a stranger in Milan during the Fashion Week, nailed the situation like a total pro! Acting right on time, she defended herself elbowing the stranger in the face like a karate kid. We are proud of you Gigi! Show them your ‘secret powers’!

Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella were seen walking on a street in Milan during the Fashion Week.



The sisters were coming out of a Max Mara fashion show.



As always, the famous sisters were met by many fans and paparazzi outside the show that gathered around them. However this time there was one stranger in the crowd bold enough to make a move he would later regret of. As Gigi’s bodyguard stepped away to make room for the sisters to pass, the stranger in a second grabbed Gigi from behind and tried to lift her up.



Not to mention, the act of the stranger was completely unacceptable.



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