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Gigi Hadid Cooks Zayn Malik’s Mother Recipe: Yorkshire Pudding

Gigi Hadid Cooks Zayn Malik's

Gigi Hadid, 21, is a supermodel who has been very active this year in the fashion world, but this is something you probably already knew. She is also in a relationship with Zayn Malik, and it’s becoming pretty clear why they are the most discussed couple out there.

When asked about him, she doesn’t seem to hide anything. Instead, she is very open about it. Among other things, Gigi revealed that her favorite restaurant in the world is Trisha’s house (Zayn’s mother).

During a video for British Vogue, she taught herself to cook a dish that’s very familiar to Bradford native Zayn. The Yorkshire pudding.


The video first starts with the model saying:

“Master chef Hadid here, checking in for British Vogue to teach this fair young lady how to make Yorkshire pudding today.”

“Most people mix all the ingredients together at once, but the correct way to do it is to mix the milk and egg mixtures first.”


We will get to see Gigi playing as Chef Hadid teaching herself how to make the classic British dish.


Gigi seems to be getting into it and also speaks about her biggest fear, that she would totally screw it up.


Zayn and Gigi being the hottest couple out there.


When everything was coming to an end, the model showed off some dance moves but then Chef Hadid stopped her:

“We don’t dance in my kitchen. This is work! Would I dance on your set? I don’t think so!”


As you can see they are head over heals for each other. They got together first after Zayn ended his engagement to Perrie Edwards in 2015.

The model loves to spend her time with her boyfriend while watching a movie or eating cookies.
‘I’m always like, “Babe, let’s go to a movie.” Then I fall asleep halfway through and he’s like, “You’ve seen the first half of every movie out there and you have no idea how any of them end.”‘

However, in the end, the pudding turns out amazing.


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