A Girl Is Adamant To Sell Her Virginity For Money

A Girl Is Adamant To Sell Her Virginity For Money


Just as it is personal, the concept of virginity is as public as well! Even though it is something only for you to know of, people will have all sorts of opinions about what you do with your sex life and your private parts.

Even though it’s been years after the sexual liberation took place with the subculture movements in the last century, virginity and sex still gets people into much heated debates.

There is also a prevailing double standard when it comes to losing your virginity. Men are invited to lose it as sooner as possible, whereas women are shunned if they don’t sit on it quite a bit.

Placing a precious-like quality on virginity creates an unnecessary mythical status out of it and gets people riled up for nothing.

Talking about riling up, the general public was in shock after news of an eighteen-year old Romanian girl wanting to sell her virginity broke out.

Namely, Aleexandra Khefren announced that she would be selling her virginity with the help of Cinderella Escorts company based in Germany. The company is run by a twenty-six year old male, and it’s entitled to 20% of the transaction.
The idea came to her after she had seen the movie Indecent Proposal at the age of 15. She figured, she was coming from a struggling family, and she wants to help her parents and buy them a house. Her parents, on the other hand, say that they live a perfectly decent life and that they plan to disown her if she goes through with the plan.

There is already one interested gentleman from Hong Kong, and he is ready to offer 2 million pounds to share in her first sexual encounter with a human being ever.

Alexandra appeared on This Morning to talk this through with the hosts, who by the way, were shocked and saddened to hear how much she didn’t think this through.

One of the things that she didn’t quite had the answer to was the health aspect.

The host asked her if the bidder is going to be tested for STD.

She got a confused look on her face:”Test him? Why?”


After he had explained the possibility of her contracting a venereal disease she finally came to and thought about it, admitting that she didn’t even thought of that. I feel like the language barrier was a major drawback too.

“Yes, probably I will test him too…” said Aleex.

Take a look at the interview. Tell us how you feel about all the angles arising from this situation. Ethics, health, dignity and prostitution are all issues arising from this!

Source:This Morning , viralthread

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