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His Daughter In Middle School Was Punished For Breaking The “Dress Code” And Her Father Decided To Stand Up For Her

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When a young girl in middle school was cited for violating her school’s controversial dress code, her father decided to stand up for her.

Demetra Alarcon, a 13 year old, was informed from Fisher Middle School officials in Los Gatos, near San Jose, that the romper she wore to school one day, was distracting to boys. When her father, Tony bought her a change of clothes which were some jean shorts with a tank top, the school officials also decided that the outfit was inappropriate as well.

The father found a pair of leggings in the car as a backup but says that the dress code unfairly targets girls.

“I mean, today it’s 90 degrees outside, and she’s wearing leggings because she doesn’t want to be dress-coded for wearing shorts. And it’s not okay. It needs to change,” Tony Alarcon said for the CBS News.

“Demetra isn’t alone. Just sit in Fisher’s parking lot and you’ll see that. I’ve heard from multiple girls that they just want to be comfortable, but they feel like they’re being pushed into wearing leggings in 100-degree heat. I was told by an administrator that the girls’ clothes are a distraction to the boys. That shouldn’t be a concern,” he added.

Alarcon still agrees that students should be dressed appropriately for school but doesn’t agree to the fact that tank tops are inappropriate in extreme heat. He added that it is also very difficult to find girls’ shorts that meet the school’s 4-inch length in a lot of stores. Since he finds the regulations on girl’s clothing discriminatory, he fights back by saying:

“You have to stand up for what’s right and that’s what I’m doing.”

The school district met Monday night to discuss about the dress code but nothing has changed yet. The Fisher principal, Lisa Fraser, defended the code by saying: “There has always been a dress code. These are standards for reasonable decorum. I do reserve the right to set guidelines for the school, but I want to lead with the pulse of the community and reflect the community’s core values.”

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