This Girl Dressed As A Sloth And Photobombed Her Friends’ Prom Pictures

So, imagine the scenario: Everyone is going to prom and has a date and is all fancied up, but your boyfriend lives on the other side of the world so you have no date. What would you do?

Well, this girl, Brianna from South Carolina has experienced this very scenario. The 18-year-old thought it wise to dress as a sloth and go photobomb everyone’s prom pictures. I mean, everyone will be having THEIR OWN kind of fun that night, right?




Brianna’s brother, Cameron said:

“So my sister’s boyfriend in Amsterdam actually got the sloth costume for her as a gift. He said that’s she’s really lazy but at the same time knows a lot of facts about sloths. Plus she thinks they’re cute.

She got a lot of weird looks from the people who didn’t know her from the other schools but her friends thought it was funny so she was having a fun time and wasn’t letting them put her in a funk.

I personally thought her photobombing people’s prom pictures in a sloth costume was an original and really comical way of handling her prom date being across the world.”


He also added:

“She went to his senior prom and considered it her own last year so this year she had no problem with just having a good time and participating in prom pictures. Just as a sloth.

She could have been in a funk but she wasn’t, and that’s why I love my little sis. The response on Twitter was interesting to see how it spread so fast in those two days and how there were ones who would @ their girlfriends saying something like ‘omg we should’ve done this!!’ than the ones who were calling her weird.”

Her brother, Cameron, posted Brianna’s pictures on Twitter, saying: “My sister isn’t attending prom because her boyfriend lives in Amsterdam. She decided to dress up like a sloth and photobomb everyone else’s pictures”.

A person commented: “should have gone, in costume. Even if some brave soul asked her to dance, by the time she made it to the floor prom would have been two weeks ago”.

But Brianna also had a claim:

“The day was very hectic since I was helping everyone else get ready for prom and did peoples hair and makeup. The picture part was funny since they had me put it on a couple of times and pretended to push me down and stuff.

The fact that the pictures are gaining popularity on Twitter is just really funny to me because it was just a casual thing I did to goof off with my friends, I didn’t think other people would get such a kick out of it”.

When Brianna found out the pictures her brother posted on Twitter had become popular, she said: “just hit me when Ellen calls”.

So, let’s wait and see!


Source: Unilad