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Watch A Girl Instantly Regret Putting A Doll’s Eye On Her Eye Socket


Toys come with warnings. Age-related mostly. But what happens when sometimes children decide to disobey everyone and just do something like putting a doll’s eye into their own eye? And this, just because they wanted to have blue eyes. A disturbing video of an 11-year-old girl from Pompeu, Brazil with a doll’s eye stuck in her eye has gone viral and viewers were angry and terrified at the same time. The video has now reached over 6 million views since it was first posted on July 1.

The girl’s mother, Rayssa Ivanny Ficag, put the video on her Facebook profile. She wrote: “She was in the room playing with the doll, and everything looked normal. Then all of a sudden she shows up with the doll’s eye in her eye.” In the videо, you could see and hear the little girl crying from pain while they are trying to take the plastic eye away from her eye socket. Luckily, her mother eventually removed the doll’s eye without serious harm.


The girl wanted to have blue eyes, apparently. And she thought this was a good idea. However, instant regret followed after the incident. She was indeed lucky to end up only sobbing on the sofa without any serious damage to her eye.


After the video was posted, many commenters were worried about the little girl’s sight. The girl’s mother assured them that her daughter was fine now and still able to see normally. Also, there were many other moms who commented on the video, after showing it to their own children as a warning. Supposedly, these children reacted by either crying or panicking. There were others who were very angry at Ficag and accused her of being an irresponsible mom.

According to a translation from DudeComedy, one commenter wrote: “You are lucky I don’t know where you are. I would have CPS (child protective services) on you so fast. You would never see her again.”

Another Facebook user was glad about the video: “Good that you filmed it to serve as an example… I’m glad it wasn’t anything more serious!”

While some viewers just cant stop laughing, others just can’t believe their own eyes.

Anyhow, this is a dangerous thing to do and it’s only good that the girl didn’t suffer any harm.


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